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What is Ocean Dreamer Island Tours?


Our Mission
Ocean Dreamer Island Tours aims to provide a fun-filled tour experience of Olango Island and its neighboring islets.

Our Philosophy
Ocean Dreamer Island Tours is not your typical Island Hopping business. The staff and crew are committed to meet the guests' expectations. We believe that nothing can be more satisfying than to see the smile of a satisfied customer at the end of the tour. Thus, any reasonable request during the tour will be honored.

Tour Overview
The guests will have a first-hand experience to swim with the rare and protected tropical fishes in the blue ocean waters, bask in the sun and relax in the beautiful white sand beaches, visit the popular tourist and local destinations and mingle with the "Islahanon" (local people).

Three-Island Dreamer Package
(3 islands)


Olango Island Day Tour
(1 island)


Whale Sharks and Tumalog Falls


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